Fast f/4 focal ratio for short integration times
15 internal baffles for optimal contrast
70mm secondary for good field illumination
Integrated fan for quick temperature equalization
2" MONORAIL focuser with 1:10 dual speed transmission LINK
Moderate weight (9.8 kgs)
Clampshells with attachment option for guiding scopes
Improved reflectivity: approx. 95% (main & secondary mirror)
Generous back focus e.g. for coma correctors and off-axis-guiders

Mechanical parts of the OTA and especially the Monorail focuser are designed for high loads and high precision at the same time. Especially with longer integration times, a solid mechanical system is essential for success. The TS imaging newtonian offers a stiff tube and a very solid focuser.


SONY EXview ICX429AL monocrome chip
Chip size: 7,4mm x 5,95mm
Antal aktive pixels: 440.000
Pixel størrelse: 8,6um x 8,3um
Electronic shutter
16bit converter
Høj response i HA området
Peak QE: 68% - 620nm / 62% i HA
Microlensing på chippen
Meget lav darknoise
Dobbelt TEC køling
-40gr. under omgivelsestemperatur
Nøjagtig reguleret af DC102 kontrolleren
Meget støjsvag blæser til køling